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What you need to know about finances3 Minutos De Lectura

What you need to know about finances

When it reaches a certain point in our lives, we start to have a big concern in mind month after month: our expenses. For many, the mere fact of having to be aware of the expenses that are made each month in a home can be a total headache, but for others it is an art. The sole activity of saving, optimizing expenses, as well as recording each of these, will make a big difference at the end of the month in terms of how much money is handled within our bank accounts.

This, which we just talked about, is finances. As such, finance is a branch of administration, as well as economics, which seeks to study all capital exchanges that may exist between individuals; as well as between companies and even the state. Likewise, we take into account all the risks that each of these financial activities entail, since there are several details to cover regarding how a transaction is carried out within the different financial markets. But, as such, at its peak finance focuses on how capital is obtained and how capital is invested in order to obtain different goods.

With this in mind, if you want to learn a little more about finances, in the continuation a little about what we have to tell you about them.

Types of finance

All of us at some point have come to practice the science of finance in our life. The only fact is to make a common and current purchase of groceries implies that we are carrying out a financial activity, since we invest our capital in an asset. But, if we talk about personal finances, those that are carried out within a family nucleus, and that can be reflected in different bank accounts, we refer specifically to private finances. These, basically being a type of Finance in which an optimization of the expenses that are had at a personal level is sought.

On the other hand, when we talk about public finances we refer to the one that is responsible for optimizing all those economic objectives that occur within a state. In essence, public finances are charged with being able to stimulate the future needs of a state company or government. In the end, the same purpose of finance in general is still the same: that of being able to optimize the use of capital and investments. But, within these, aspects such as taxes, expenses made by employees and others are taken into account.

Basic concepts

Within finance, as well as within any other type of science, a series of basic concepts are handled that must always be taken into account. And, although within finance lots of different concepts are handled, there are 3 that are quite important.

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The first of these concepts is the risk and the benefit. Often, when you have a capital that you want to invest, you have a risk involved since it is possible that the investment does not end up as expected. But if it ends up being successful, you make a profit. Likewise, the concepts of the value of money over time must be taken into account, as well as interest rates, which never cease to be a central issue in any type of transaction or financial aspect.