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What are the ideal applications for Forex trading?5 Minutos De Lectura

At this point, there is little to say about the incredible growth in demand for online financial markets, and that currency trading is among the preferred options for those who crave the long-desired financial freedom.
In addition to the endless amount of information available, mobile applications are now added as tools for those who seek to make their way in this market. Do you want to know the best forex trading from your Smartphone? Then pay attention to the list we now put together for you and find out which one fits your needs.

Forex, the current option to earn money online:

Becoming a trader is not something you can achieve overnight, in fact, far from what it may seem, it’s not even an easy way to generate income; in fact, it’s one of the most liquid markets and full of opportunities, but succeeding in it demands work, perseverance, training and a lot of patience.
While the operation of Forex – buying assets by speculating on their prices to buy on a downward trend and selling when they are upward – is often seen as simple, profit is subject to the volume of money you trade with, so there is the possibility of losing large sums if you lack the necessary experience.

And the mobile apps have arrived!

With the idea of helping, many developers bring to the user applications that, once downloaded in their different mobile devices, will contribute to make the trading more fluid; however, it should be noted that even if they are very good, it will be necessary to create a strategy of their own and put into practice the knowledge acquired to achieve profitability.
Below are the most outstanding Apps, with their respective characteristics and advantages:

1. Trading App IQ Option, the trading application that has it all

The main feature of this App is that it is multifunctional, and can be adapted to different types of assets – about 550 between shares, currencies, commodities and indexes – allowing not only binary operations, but also CFDs and digital options. Why choose it? If the above is not enough, add it:
– Excellent interface and well-crafted graphics
– Availability for both iOS and Android devices
– Constant news of interest
– Free option in which to practice and minimum deposit well below the competition
– Automation of closing orders and protection against negative balance.

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2. eToro, the most popular and social option:

If you’ve been trading for a while it’s unlikely you haven’t at least heard of eToro, which is why there are so many commercials available on TV and the internet, as well as a community that leaves no doubt about its popularity.
What are the advantages of choosing this application? First of all, the possibility to open an account for trading at no cost:
– Availability of different options to trade, ranging from the foreign exchange market, to crypto-currency trading.
– Access to a good amount of information of great interest for any trader
– Offers a trial account in which to polish skills before investing

– Social function in which to learn from the experience of professional or experienced traders
– Allow the creation of investment portfolios
– Total privacy, since it allows you to choose between a public and a private profile.
– Zero commissions, ease of use and availability for both Android and Apple terminals.

3. Libertex, the Premium App:

The list goes on with another quite popular forex broker, its fame is due to the great usefulness it offers to the trader who is looking to open up a field in CFD trading; however, Libertex gathers what is necessary to yield to the one who moves in the Forex market or wishes to trade with cryptomonkets, since versatility is among its strong points, in addition to:
– Simplicity when using it, regardless of the asset or market chosen to trade
– Fast and efficient capital management through a multifunctional interface
– Availability for tablets and mobiles, whether they run Android or iOs.

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4., the ideal broker to practice:

Known in many corners of the world, the fourth position in the list is occupied by an application whose fame is due to the ease of use it offers and the possibility of trading with real money after practicing in its demo account; this will not be enough if you want to stand out among so much competition, so add to your favorites the following features:
– Availability of more than 2200 assets distributed among crypto-currencies, stocks, currencies, commodities and financial indexes
– Design thought for the trader who takes his first steps, without being enough for the experienced or professional

5. Plus500, the classic that cannot be missed:
The fifth and last place in this list of ideal Apps for trading in Forex is occupied by Plus500. Why? It’s as simple as saying that it’s considered among the best options for trading in the stock market thanks to its completeness, and because of that it’s worldwide reputation as the most used CFD trading platform worldwide; discover below its main features:
– Opportunity to learn without risk on your free demo account
– Ability to trade a variety of financial products, from Forex trading, to investing in stocks and buying raw materials
– Interface and functions designed for traders starting out in the world of online asset trading
– Availability of version for mobile terminals – running iOS or Android – and PC.
Which is the best App of all?
It all depends on what you’re looking for and need, but we can assure you that the above options are without a doubt the best for trading Forex from any mobile device; take the time to analyze what they offer and then decide. See you next time!

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